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siberian ginseng extract

siberian ginseng extract

Latin Name: Radix Acanthopanacis Senticosl
Part Used: Root
Specification: 0.8 Eleutheroside B+E
Appearance: Brownish yellow fine powder


Product Introduction

siberian ginseng extract has the functions of nourishing yang and benefiting the body. In the 1950s, the former Soviet Union launched a comprehensive research on it. At present, the field of squamous nutrition and medicine conducts in-depth research on siberian ginseng extract.

siberian ginseng extract (Acanthopanax senticosus (Rupr. Maxim.) Harms) is made from root and rhizome.  the main active ingredients are siberian ginseng extract B and E.  The ratio of the starting crude plant material to Powdered Extract is between 13:1 and 25:1. It contains NLT 0.8% of eleutherosides B and E, calculated on the anhydrous basis.


siberian ginsengsiberian ginseng extract

How to produce

The medicinal materials are powdered into a coarse powder with a pulverizer, put into a multi-functional Chinese medicine extraction tank, add deionized water, stir and boil for extraction, put the extract into a three-foot centrifuge, centrifuge to remove slag, and get the centrifugal liquid, Concentrate under reduced pressure to obtain 10-18 Baume (thermal test) extract, spray-dried to obtain a dry powder. Crush the dry powder, pass through a 60-80 mesh sieve, mix and package to obtain a finished product.

This process is suitable for the production of siberian ginseng extract extract containing about 1.2%  Eleutheroside B+E and its yield is 4%-5%.

general extract  process


Product Character

English name:

 siberian ginseng extract

Latin name:

  Acanthopanax senticosus

Active ingredients:

 Eleutheroside B+E

Part used:



white powder.




 0.8%, 1.2%,1.5%

Test Method:




The German E Committee approved siberian ginseng extract to be used as a tonic to resist fatigue and inattention, and it can also be used as a health tonic. It can be used to prevent colds, radiation, chemotherapy, and chronic fatigue.

siberian ginseng extract can enhance the body’s resistance to harmful substances. It has the effects of refreshing the brain, strengthening the memory, prolonging life, lowering blood pressure and lowering lipids. It can be used to treat depression, neurasthenia, leukopenia, and cerebral thrombosis. Formation, hyperlipidemia, hypotension, coronary heart disease, etc.



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