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Butterfly Pea Flower Powder

Butterfly Pea Flower Powder

Natural colorant,thermal stable
Product Name:Butterfly pea flower
Appearance:fine blue powder
Size:80mesh, 600-800mesh
Storage Life:2 Years


1. What is butterfly pea flower powder?

Selected fresh butterfly pea flowers as raw materials, natural butterfly pea flower is dryed in cool shady place to reserve nutrients , and then polished by an ultra-fine powder machine. As a healthy food, butterfly pea flowers is deeply loved by healthy people all over the world.

The whole flower is made of flower buds, petals and stamens, and the powder is directly polished with an ultra-fine powder machine. The whole process does not add water, colorant, 100% without additives, and appera gray-blue.

butterfly pea flower & powder

2. Raw material selection:

Our raw materials-more than 480 acres of edible flowers and grasses in the butterfly pea flower planting base in Bangkok, Thailand.

Bangkok, Thailand has a tropical monsoon climate with high temperatures and plenty of sunshine. There is plenty of rainfall throughout the year. And it is very suitable for the growth of butterfly pea plants.

Planting areas are far away from cities and industrial areas. Natural, no pollution, no sulfur, no residue, zero addition.

3. The characteristics of butterfly pea flower :

* 100%* edible toner, without any additives. *1000 mesh ultra-fine crushed powder. *Good fluidity and good taste. +Good stability, does not change color at high temperature.

*After adding butterfly pea powder to water: Add weakly alkaline water, it will turn blue.

If it is added to acidic and alkaline foods (such as lemons), the color will turn purple.

Butterfly pea flower color in different Ph

4. The nutritional value of butterfly pea flower :

Butterfly pea flower, belongs to the legume family. It is a high-quality, healthy plant rich in protein. Butterfly pea flower is rich in vitamins A, C, E and flavonoids. It is rich in anthocyanins, which is about 10 times that of ordinary plants.

Nutrient composition table:





1453 kj



20.1 g






53.5 g


Dietary fiber

15.0 g



9 mg


6. Benefits:

Antioxidant: The anthocyanin rich in butterfly pea flowers is about 10 times that of ordinary plants, and it has a good antioxidant effect. Especially suitable for girls to drink.

*Strengthen healthy hair growth: Butterfly pea flower contains brass, which prevents hair from getting old and gray and can promote hair growth.

*Keep skin glowing and healthy: Anti-oxidant ingredients can help promote collagen synthesis and make the skin less prone to aging.

*And night vision: The rich anthocyanin is about 10 times that of ordinary plants, which can effectively solve the problem, promote the sensitivity and sharpness of eyesight and improve greatly.

7. Application:

Used for baking: biscuits, cakes, milk powder, baby fortified foods, candy, etc.

The butterfly pea flower are used in beverages; smoothies, color-changing drinks and yogurt, etc. It turns from blue to purple after adding lemon juice.

Popular in Taiwan, the fashionable drink "Star Cup" is the effect achieved by using butterfly pea powder. "*Drinks" are very popular among many girls.

Butterfly pea flower application

8. Suggested addition amount:

5.0 g/kg

9. Dissolving:

0.1g powder: 100ml water

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