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Tribulus Terrestris Extract

Tribulus Terrestris Extract

40%, 60%, 90% Total Saponins
, No Aflatoxin and Benzo(a)anthracene detected by third party lab.


Tribulus Terrestris Extract

Tribulus terrestris extracted is made from the fruit or stem and leaf of Tribulus terrestris which is

produced in all parts of the country, with the largest production in the north of the Yangtze River. Its commercial extracts is 20% to 90% saponin.

Tribulus terrestrisTribulus terrestris extract
Tribulus terrestrisTribulus terrestris extract with saponins

The content of saponin (mysterious hydrolysis) in various parts of Tribulus terrestris and content of different harvest dates was determined. It shows that the traditional fruit of Tribulus terrestris has the lowest total sapogenin content, while the saponin content in the stems and leaves is higher, and the saponins in stem and leaf collected in June contains the highest content.

English name:

Tribulus terrestris Extract

Latin name:

Tribulus terrestris L.

Active ingredients:


Part used:

Stem/ leaf/ fruit


Brown Yellow Powder




20% -90%saponins

Test Method:


There are two method to produce Tribulus terrestris extract with different saponins .

1. Tribulus terrestris extract (20%)

The herb crushed, extracted with water, and centrifuged. Concentrated under reduced pressure to 12-18 Baume (thermal test); the extract is dried under spray, passed through a 60-80 mesh sieve, mix and pack to obtain the finished product.

This process is suitable for the production of 20% Tribulus Terrestris extract, and its yield is about 8%.

2. Tribulus terrestris extract (40%)

The herb crushed and extracted with a certain concentration of ethanol. The extract is separated, filtered, and recovered under reduced pressure until there is no alcohol taste; concentrated to 10-15 Baume (thermal test) fluidextract, spray dried, and dried over 60 -80 mesh section. The mix and pack.

The content of the alcohol extract produced by this process is about 40.0%, and the yield is 7.0% to 9.0%.


Tribulus terrestris extract is prone generate microale even after high temperature treatment.

Some high risk and dangerous items are tested before shipping.

Aflatoxin B1, Aflatoxin B2, Aflatoxin G1, Aflatoxin G2 and Benzo(a)anthracene are tested and none is found.

Aflatoxin- Tribulus terrestris extract reportBenzo(a)anthracene- Tribulus terrestris extract report


* anti-aging

Tribulus terrestris Extract has obvious protective effect on mice suffering from high temperature and low temperature and swimming stress.

* Sexual tonic effect

Tribulus terrestris extracts taken orally in rats can obviously stimulate the formation of sperm, stimulate the activity of satori cells and increase libido.

* cardiovascular system

The crude saponins of the stem and leaves have a vagus nerve effect on the cardiovascular system of cats and rabbits. It can increase myocardial contractility, slow down the heart rate, expand coronary arteriosus and peripheral blood vessels, and show a mild antihypertensive effect.

*Anti-arterial and anti-platelet aggregation effect

Tribulus extract can significantly reduce the cholesterol level of experimental hypercholesterolemia, and inhibit the lipid deposition of arteries, myocardium and liver.

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