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Yan'an Journey -To Find China Spirit And Xi'an Victar Spirit

Aug 24, 2017

On August 18th, 2017, we, all the staff of our company together, tread on the way to Yan’an to find China’s road to revival.


On the side of the Yellow River which is the cradle of Chinese civilization, Yan’an plays an important part in China’s revolution. It helps the CPC to reserve precious revolutionary forces, which lays the foundation for the victory of China’s revolution. Born in Yan’an, the so called Yan’an Spirit is the succession and development of Jingganshan Spirit and Spirit of Long March. Nowadays, it is also an important spiritual pillar for the whole nation to work together on the construction of socialist modernization.

On the first stop, we come to Zhaojin Memorial Hall, the first revolutionary base founded by the CPC in a mountainous area in the Northwest.


Then, we come to the Hukou Waterfalls of the Yellow River.

We are all hit by the howl of the Yellow River.


In Memorial Hall of Revolution in Yan’an, we realize the true meaning of “from the masses, to the masses”.

Yangjialing and Zaoyuan show the austerity of the members of the CPC.

Every time Pagoda Mountain is mentioned, it reminds us of Yan’an and the eventful years of China’s 


Through this trip, we learn the spirit of self-reliance and hard struggle of our father revolutionists. So in the future we are supposed to be strict to ourselves and be responsible for our work. In this way, progress will be made and contributions will also be made to our company.