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White Willow Extract Comes Into Market

Aug 15, 2019

White Willow Extract

Product InformationWhite Willow Extract

Basic Information

White willow bark is an herbal supplement. White willow belongs to deciduous trees, which has the features of 10-20 meters height, spreading canopy, dark gray bark, young branches, young leaves with silver-white tomentum. The tender flowers, leaves and buds are edible, while bark, branches and stem have medicinal value. The florescence of white willow is from March to April, while fruit stage is from April to May.


1. cure fever, cold,and infection

Salicin, which is called as natural Aspirin, can be used as the treatment of these diseases.

2. relieve the pain of arthritis and back ache

Salicin is regarded as the source to fight with these diseases.

WARNING: White Willow Extract cannot be used to cure fever of children.