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Welcome To Visit Xi’an Victar Bio-Tech Corp. Organic Base

Aug 04, 2017

“Only performed in the organic raw material conditions, can products reach the organic standard.” Professor Lin said.

organic planting base (1).JPGmanufactory (9).jpg

On first day, Professor Lin looked over every manufacturing process and all our devices to make sure every working procedure meet the organic standard. During the visit, our general manager Mr. Hu, the vice-chairman of Shaanxi Herb Extract Association, explained how to effectively improve production quality and strictly control product safety by using our new technology. 

manufactory (4).jpgmanufactory (7).jpg

Next day, our company and assessors (professor Lin and Ms.Li) visited our organic base (Qinling Mountains) and collected lots of wild crops. While walking together, Mr. Hu, professor Lin and other researchers exchanged ideas about the latest herbal study and learned from each other.


organic planting base (2).JPG

    After the on-the-spot investigation, they need several days to verify our data, so please pay attention to our website.At the same time, please wait for our other new organic products. Thanks.