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Shang Luo Journey --To Enjoy The Cool From The Qinlin Mountain

Aug 07, 2018

Shang Luo journey --To enjoy the cool from the Qinlin  mountain



    Under the sales director --Mr. Hu leading ,we arrive the first stop --Di flowers ancient town where it’s the hometown of Jia Pingwa who is a litterateur.

ps:<<live>> is his famous book.if you like reading, I definitely recommend you to read this book.

Xi'an victar (5).JPGXi'an victar (9).JPG


Xi'an victar (4).JPGXi'an victar (4).JPG

                                               We walk the street and touch the Jia Pingwa 's past

     Lotus leaf and lotus flower here

Xi'an victar (2).JPGlotus leaf

   we visit the thousand acres of lotus pond by ship and enjoy the fine view under the strong sun.

    After we go through the sunshine ,we decide to go to the Danjiang rafting.Look !We are having the water fight ,it's the better way to have fun and stay cool.The group say that they are winner , the first day end up with the water fight .

Xi'an victar (1).JPGVICTAR.JPG
    DAY 2

 Jinsixia national geopark--- a palace of the keep cool and  take photos  sites .it’s also an ancient sites and called “the most beautiful canyon in china “

Xi'an victar (6).JPGVICTAR (1).JPG

  The green tree and blue sky we very like it .with the birds singing we start our Climbing time .some of the people choose to take the cable car,I'm not one of them.

                          look this picture ,it seems that we arrive the great wall .Isn't that cool?

VICTAR (3).JPGvictar

    Two -day journey is over ,we enjoy the trip and eat delicious food ,meanwhile we learn the spirit of insistence and should work harder than before . In the future ,Everyone must be mutual help and develop mutual benefit business for prosperous future.


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