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KOSHER Certificate---VICTAR

Oct 12, 2015

                                                       KOSHER  Certificate

 After our continuous effort, Xi'an Victar Bio-Tech Corp. and Shaanxi Pure-source Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd. acquired

KOSHER certificate, which is issued by KOF-K KOSHER supervision.

KOSHER is the segment of Jewish law pertaining to the food that a Jew may or may not eat, and the proper

 preparation of this food.  

The Kosher program covers all aspects of the food production, including the ingredientd used, the equippment

 on which it is produced, and the manner of production to ensure that all kosher requirements are met.

The KOF-K Kosher symbol on a product allows the consumer to identify those products which are approved as Kosher.  


                                         Kosher Certificate of  VICTAR


                                               Kosher Certificate of Pure Sorce