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Good News: The Price of Echinacea Extract Reduces

Aug 22, 2019

In order to give back to the new and old customers' strong support for Xi'an Victor Bio-Tech Corp, the company has made a comprehensive reduction of the price of Echinacea extract series products, welcome to call us! 

Echinacea Extract 


4% Cichoric acid (HPLC) 

2% Cichoric acid (HPLC) 

4% Polyphenol (HPLC) (Echinacoside+Caffeic acid+Chlorogenic acid+Cichoric acid) 

7% Polyphenol (UV)+2% Cichoric acid (HPLC) 

4% Polyphenol (UV) +1% Cichoric acid (HPLC) 

4% Polyphenol (UV) 7% Polyphenol (UV) 

2% Echinacoside (HPLC) 

4% Echinacoside (HPLC) 


Our company owns 500 acres of Echinacea planting base, ensured a stable supply of raw materials.