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Follow Us, Follow Nature----Our Day for Organic Certification

Aug 09, 2018

Follow Us, Follow Nature

----Our day for organic certification

The organic raw material is the key to produce organic product, this is our procedure of organic certification.

organic certification 2.jpg

On the first day, Professor Lin looked over every manufacturing process and all our devices with our general 

manager Mr.Hu, the vice-chairman of Shaanxi Herb Extract Association, he explained how  we improve and

control the safety of products by our advanced device and technogy. 

organic certification.jpg

On the second day, assessor professor Lin visited our organic base with some of our relevan colleague,

during the visit, Mr. Hu and professor Lin shared their idea and the latest research about the herbal extracts.

The last step, they will verify our data, so please pay close attention to our website to get more information.