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Manufacturing Factory
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    Address: Room 2306, Tongda International Building, Tangyan Road 41#, High-Tech Zone, Xi’an, 710065, Shaanxi, China.

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    [email protected]

*Manufacture Equipment

Production line is composed of  serial equipment like washing machine, oven, centrifuge,extract tank, acroreticular adsorbent resin,vacuum condenser,spray drying tower, mixer  and so on. These equipments cover every step from dry raw material,  especial herb and plant to finished extractum or liquid extract  and extract powder. 

Vacuum condense tank is used to collect solvent.Under Vacuum enviorment with specific rate, the active ingredient and aromar is protected as far as possible.  




Macroreticular adsorbent resin column is used to collect organic molecule in organic solute like ethanol, methanol etc. Eluting the column with solvent, active ingredients like protein, polyphenol, polysaccharides, flavones etc, refined extract is achieved.