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Why Centella asiatica extract hot as cosmetic ingredients

Nov 08, 2022

Centella asiatica, also known as "gotu kola", is a plant widely used in Ayurveda and traditional medicine. It grows mainly in southeastern Asia, where it likes to grow in damp meadows or by the side of ditches , has long been used for antibacterial, antiviral, prevention of hypertension, diuresis, antiulcer and anti-inflammatory.

asiaticoside B, madecassoside ,asiaticoside and asiatic acid are the main remarker components.It dissolves well in ethanol and water and Centella asiatica extract is a prominent ingredient in formulation of lotion, gel lotion, gel, oral tablet or capsule etc for personal care. In terms of dosage, recommended dosage is 0.1-1% , a low amount, can be effective.

gotu kola


1. Fight against inflammation

Centella asiatica extract can be seen in many first-aid soothing and anti-allergic products, mainly because of the anti-inflammatory effect brought by this panacea. It can reduce the production of pro-inflammatory mediators (1-1, MMP-1), thereby improving the repair ability of the skin's own barrier and preventing skin immune dysfunction from causing skin problems.

2. Repair

The asiaticoside in the extract can promote collagen synthesis and new vessel formation in the body, and stimulate the growth of granulation. It is called "phyto-collagen" because it is natural, and it helps wound healing. a product containing Centella asiatica improves the appearance of stretch marks.

3. Supreme Antioxidant

Gotu Kola extract also works as a good antioxidant , which can inhibit free radical activity, lighten melanosis, improve skin blood circulation, nurishing skin cell regeneration, bringing refined and brightened skin.

major components of Centella asiatica extract

Cardiovascular Health Support

Centella asiatica's active compounds can promote collagen synthesis, regulate inflammation by causing hyperproliferation of keratinocytes, and also restore the natural homeostasis of the epidermis, and can also increase the density of arterial plaque in patients with atherosclerosis and stability. to prevent bolts or embolic complications, thereby promoting cardiovascular health.

Cognition Improvement

Memory Enhancement of Centella Asiatica Extract

In addition, the study found the potential neurological effects of Centella asiatica extract, which can effectively preserve memory fragments in the brain and promote cognition, as well as prevent beta-amyloid protein produced by neuronal degeneration. Centella asiatica extract also reduces cognitive impairment caused by Parkinson's disease and nerve damage caused by diabetic hyperglycemia. Currently, ingredients that protect the brain are very popular in the health care market, and Centella asiatica extract is prospective in this regards.