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What are the Differences between Raw Frankincense and Frankincense?

Jul 17, 2019

Frankincense is a common Chinese herbal medicine in our life, but when you carefully understand it, you will find that the Chinese medicine frankincense can be divided into two kinds: the raw frankincense and the frankincense. What is the difference between the two kinds of frankincense? What are the main functions and effects of frankincense?  


The difference between raw frankincense and frankincense


1. Raw frankincense refers to the natural frankincense that has not been processed, that is, the natural resin secreted by the plant frankincense tree during the growth process. However, the frankincense is a Chinese herbal medicine processed by natural frankincense as raw material. The manufacturing flows are: soaking the frankincense in rice vinegar, stirring it in a wok, and frying it to get the frankincense.


2.Raw frankincense and frankincense have a certain difference in the medicinal properties. Those unprocessed raw frankincense are more fierce, and some people with weak constitution will experience physical discomfort after use. The medicinal properties of the frankincense are milder, so it is suitable for most people. Meanwhile, the medicinal effect is not worse than the raw frankincense.


The efficacy and function of frankincense

1. antipyretic and pain relief


Frankincense is a kind of Chinese herbal medicine which can relieve heat and relieve pain. This Chinese herbal medicine contains a lot of natural volatile oil, which can directly act on human nerves, improve central nervous function, quickly relieve pain and fever. When people usually have fever, headache or other painful symptoms, frankincense can be used for treatment. And the treatment is particularly effective.


2. anti-inflammatory and anti-corrosion


Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic is also one of the important functions of frankincense. After taking frankincense, people can not only improve the activity of phagocytic cells in the human body, but also promote the increase of white blood cells. It can accelerate the body's metabolism and eliminate various inflammations in the human body. In addition, frankincense can also inhibit the production of red blood cells in human bone sheep. It increases the amount of antibodies in the human body and can prevent and cure the wounds.