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What is the HS code of tea polyphenols and green tea extract ?

Apr 01, 2022

What is the HS code of tea polyphenols and green tea extract ?

Theres are disputes on tea polyphenols and green tea extract HS code. Some people argue that the main component of green tea extract is tea polyphenols, so the two are the same product indeed and share the same code.

Some people think that the two are of different ingredients and made by different process, so they have should be classified into different tax numbers; some people think that the above two are only different in name, only in the industry.

Green Tea Extract

Here is an expamle is the green tea extract in export commoditie declare.

Tea polyphenols 31%, catechins 18%, protein 18.7%, caffeine 6%, ash 8.9%, moisture 4%, other cellulose and impurities 13.4%.

The production process is tea - extraction - water extract - filtration -concentration under reduced pressure - drying - sieving - packaging - tea polyphenols.

It is mainly used in food, health food, food additives, etc. After being brewed with water, it tastes like normal tea leaves, but is more convenient to eat, and can also be used as an additive for tea beverages. This product is kind of dark yellow powder.

green tea extract

Green Tea Polyphenols

Green tea polyphenols is a light tan powder containing 95.8% tea polyphenols (the general term for more than 30 phenolic substances in tea leaves). This product is made from tea leaves. It is proceed following the steps: green tea raw material - crushing - pure water extraction - centrifugation - concentration - ethyl acetate extraction and refining - spray drying - powder sieving - packaging. As an additive, it can be widely used in health care products, food, beverages, cosmetics and other fields.

Green tea polyphenols is defined the content of tea polyphenols reaches 95.8%. During the extraction process, other components in the tea have been basically removed like amino acids, polysaccharides, theaflavin etc, and it lose tea concentrate feature, so it is not classified under the heading 21.01. And this commodity should be classified in Tariff Code 3824.9099.

Green tea polyphenols


After discussion above, the propere HS code for

Green tea polyphenols is 3824.9099

While green tea extract 2101.2000