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Spray dryed Juice powder process and advantage

Dec 08, 2020

Spray drying Juice powder process and advantage

General process

1) Selection of pomegranate juice concentrate;

2) Ingredients: Add an appropriate amount of dextrin and color protecting agent to the pomegranate juice concentrate and mix well.

3) Filtration: Filtered by continuous filter with diameter ≤0.5mm:

spray tower

4) Spray granulation: The material liquid is sent to the high-pressure wear-resistant nozzle or the rotary granulator through the pressure pump with the pressure of 15MPa-25MPa to get granulation after spray , and the particle size is controlled to be ≤1.0mm;

5) Hot air drying;

6) rest powder recycling;

7) Weighing and packaging: the finished product is obtained. The method is with low energy consumption and low cost, and the prepared lemon juice powder is instant soluble and easy to storage, transport, and user friendly.


Features and advantage

juice powderinstant juice powder


The spray-dried fruit juice powder has the characteristics of good natural fluidity and low hygroscopicity. It matches the richness of typical fresh fruits and has a unique natural flavor and sweet and sour taste. Spray-dried fruit juice powder adds an authentic aroma to  food and beverage, making it more delicious. The powder is processed by a spray dryer and has no moisture, but at the same time it has good solubility and is added with a strong color, making it very suitable for use as an additive in various delicacies and condiments. Next, let's take a look at the benefits of using spray dryers to process fruit juice powder.


Benefits of juice powder, spray dryed 

1. Provide pure natural juice powder, easy to use and long shelf life

2. Save time and reduce waste

3. Maintain the quality and flavor of the material

4. Very cost-effective