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Sea-buckthorn fruit juice powder-beverage and food additives

Jun 07, 2017

sea-buckthorn fruit.jpg

   Seabuckthorn is a kind of deciduous trees or shrubs which have thick thorns. It is mainly planted in our north China, northwest China,Sichuan province and Tibet.

    Latin name: Hippophae rhamnoides Linn

    Appearance: light yellow

sea buckthorn fruit juice powder.jpg    

Function about seabuckthorn fruit juice powder

1. It can invigorate blood circulation, regulate blood pressure and protect brain from cerebrovascular diseases.

2. It is used to supply nutrients and regulate immunity.

3. It is used as medicine to stop coughing, eliminate phlegm and promote digestion.

4. It can help consolidate the effect of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

5. It is rich in vitamin C,so it's a good additive in food and drinks. 

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