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Poria Mushroom Extract

Sep 19, 2016

Basic Info

Type:Herbal ExtractMedicine Property:Regulating The Flow Of Qi

Latin Name: Wolfiporia cocos(Schw. ) Ryv. &Gibn
PinYin Name: Fu Ling

Poria is very widely used in Chinese herbalism. It is traditionally used as a Qi tonic to benefit the internal organs. It is a solid fungus that grows on the roots of old pine trees. It is mildly diuretic and sedative, and is considered to be highly nourishing. This is an herb that has been widely used by Taoists through the centuries and was often consumed as a primary food source by Taoist hermits. A special variety of Poria known as "Spirit Poria" is considered a premium Shen tonic herb. It is the part of the Poria mushroom that contains the root of the old pine tree, upon which it has grown. Spirit Poria is said to benefit the heart, to nourish the Spirit and to lead to a long and happy life. It is often used by those wishing to overcome anxiety, worry, fear, etc. This is a very special herb traditionally used by Taoist adepts to help attain enlightenment.

2. Specification
Polysaccharides: 10%, 20%, 30%

3. Storage
Store In a cool and dry place. Keep away from direct strong light and heat.

4. Packing
25kg/drum net each with inner food grade double-layer polyethylene bag.

5. Shelf Life
Two years.

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