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plant extract as antibiotic alternative

Mar 05, 2021

Among the many antibiotic substitutes and immune enhancement products, the widely recognized and widely used ones are: Natural plants; Microecological preparations; Oligosaccharides, enzyme preparations, acidulants, sugar terpenes etc.


Natural plants have a huge advantage in animal applications. There are a wide range of raw materials, and nature has a huge plant resource for its nutritional, functional and diverse functions.

Common natural plant use forms include: coarse powder, micro powder, ultra-fine powder, extraction (coarse extraction, directional extraction, single extraction, mixed extraction.

Feature compare:

Itemscoarse powdersuper fine powdersingle extractcomplex extract
user operationeasyeasyeasyeasy
mix spaceHugebigsmallsmall
marker componentinquantitativeinquantitativequantitativequantitative
performanceNot noticebleimprovedbetter but singelgreat
Raw materialinstableinstablestablestable
harmful matteruncontrollableuncontrollablecontrollablecontrollable

Commonly used growth-promoting antibiotics:

chlortetracycline, Endogenous hormones, enzymes, bacitracin zinc, etc.

Inhibit the growth of intestinal microbes and suppress the immune response

Affect the structure of the intestinal wall: Antibiotics can make the intestinal wall thinner and increase the absorption rate of intestinal nutrients.

Potential risk: Destroy the balance of flora, reduce immune response, and damage intestinal villi

Natural plant extract Research on Livestock health

plant  extract in feed

In the past ten years, research on Chinese herbal medicines and plant extracts has become a hot spot. Chinese herbal feed additives play a very important role in improving the immunity of livestock and poultry. Common ones include dandelion, bitter wood, astragalus, acanthopanax, Gaolu, and Epimedium. , Poria, Andrographis, etc.

*Huang Yifan et al. (1996) Chinese herbal feed additives made with Chinese medicines such as Yinyangling can improve multiple immune indexes of single-use chicks;

*Hua Jing et al. (1998) Chinese herbal feed additives compounded with astragalus, epimedium and safflower can increase the ratio of lymphocytes,

*Xie Hongbing et al. (2006) Adding refined Chinese herbal preparations to the basal diet of Du Changda weaned piglets can significantly increase the content of immunoglobulin and cytokines

Purpose of plant extract complex in feed

1. Completely replace antibiotics, produce safe, antibiotic-free, green feed, and achieve the goal of green and antibiotic-free breeding;

2. Partially replace antibiotics, use it in conjunction with antibiotics or use it alone in some stages, to reduce antibiotic resistance, improve immunity, reduce morbidity, and improve production performance;

3. It is used in actual livestock and poultry breeding to reduce the amount of antibiotics and chemical drugs, reduce treatment costs, improve immunity (such as fighting necrotizing enteritis, infectious gastroenteritis, avian flu, etc.), reduce drug residues, and improve the quality of livestock products.

4. It is a legal alternative to antibiotics, which can make feeds that are not diarrhea, and does not use excessive drugs to guide

Cause a violation of the law and make the enterprise operate legally.

5. Reduce the cost of feed formulations. It adjust the gastrointestinal function and improve the digestibility and absorption rate of feed. Therefore, it can reduce or balance the cost by reducing the nutrition index by 0.5-1% or increasing the amount of miscellaneous sleeves by 3-5%. To achieve the purpose of improving production performance without increasing costs.

6. There is no need to change the medicine after use to avoid the trouble of feed change.