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plant extract application in cosmetic product

Apr 09, 2020

Application in skin care products

At present, a large number of plant extracts are used in skin care products, mainly used to prevent dry skin, increase skin moisture, prevent skin allergies and prevent eczema. These skin care products are effective in whitening, moisturizing and anti-aging.

(1) Moisturizing

Moisturizing skin care products can keep the cell water content at a high level. Because when the skin cells lack water, the skin will become rough, not smooth, or even dry, and some plant extracts with moisturizing effect can make the cells rich in water molecules, making the skin moist and elastic. Some plant extracts do not act on the cells, but form a protective film on the skin surface, which can prevent the evaporation of water and thus achieve the purpose of moisturizing. For example, applying olive oil cosmetics on the skin surface can keep the skin hydrated and resist oxidation and certain inflammations.

(2) Anti-aging and sun protection

Cell senescence is determined by genes, and also affected by ultraviolet radiation in the environment,  The plant extracts used for anti-aging can inhibit the formation of free radicals, delay cell aging, and repair damaged cells. Eventually, the degradation and regeneration of cells will reach a dynamic balance, rejuvenating the skin and making the skin elastic. There are also some plant extracts that can block ultraviolet rays from entering the cell, have a sunscreen effect, and thus achieve anti-aging effects.

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(3) Sterilization and anti-inflammatory

Inflammation and other skin problems can be relieved with cosmetics containing plant extracts. Many plants have anti-inflammatory active ingredients. For example, red clover has anti-inflammatory effects and can effectively improve symptoms such as rashes and eczema.

(4) general nursing

Aloe extract has the most extensive skin care effects. For example, the proteins, polysaccharides and vitamins in aloe can provide the nutrients needed by skin cells, repair damaged cells, and achieve the effect of beauty and moisturization. This kind of protein can slow down the aging of skin. There are many plants like Aloe with multiple skin care effects that can be used to produce holistic skin care cosmetics without irritation and high safety.

Application in hair products

Plant extracts not only have significant effects on skin care, but also have good effects on hair care. Many plant extracts have the effects of repairing skin cells in the head, promoting blood circulation in the head, enhancing hair quality and reducing dandruff. Plant extracts with hairdressing effects can come from: rosemary, Polygonum multiflorum, grape seed, thyme, garlic, ginkgo biloba and sage.