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Organic Goji berries are hot on the healthy food scene

Aug 01, 2017

Basic information:Wolfberry Extract.JPG

Latin Name: Lycium barbarum L.

Part Used: Fruit

Specification: 20% -50% polysaccharides

Appearance: Brown yellow fine powder

Test Method: UV

Molecular Formula: C5H11O2

Molecular Weight: 117.15

CAS NO.: 107-43-7


Function and Application:
1. Wolfberry extract can slow down the aging process. 
2. Wolfberry can boost the immune system.
3. Wolfberry extract can be used as good remedy for old people.
4. Wolfberry is good for kidney, vision and eyes; and it is a nutrition for lung.

Goji Fruit Juice Powder:

Appearance: orange-yellow fine powder

There is the Nutrition Line of organic Goji Juice Powder

Nutrition Line of organic Goji Juice Powder.JPG