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natural cosmetics from black wolfberry

May 11, 2017

Black goji is the natrual product with the tonic, facial and health preservation function

Let us see other benefits for black goji:

  1. Body building and immunity enhancement:

    Black goji is rich of body essential nutrients, like protein, fat, polysaccharides, free amino acid, organic acid, minerals,

    microelement, alkaloid, vitamin, etc. For long-term drinkers, it can strenghen their physique and enhance human immunity.

    What's more, the microelement-zinc may increase the enzymatic activity, stimulate sex hormones and growth hormone, which can cure kidney deficiency, so as to improve sexual function.

  2. Anti-aging and anti-UV:

    Black goji powder contains  amount of anthocyanins, which are the most effective antioxidants in the nature.The antioxidant activity in black goji is 50 times greater than vitamin E, 20 times than vitamin C. Black goji may not only remove the accumulation and precipitation of harmful free radicals in the skin but protect collagen, which makes skin elastic and delicate, therefore black wolfberry is referred to as "a natural and magical method for anti-aging". 

  3. Soothing the nerves brain and promoting sleep

        The anthocyanins of black goji may protect cranial nerve from being oxidized, as well as protect brain from a number of hazardous chemicals and toxin, which means that can stablize brain tissue ,meliorate sleeping and improve sleep quality and prolong life span.

This picture is about the solubility of black goji(100% solubility)

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solubility of black wolfberry powder.jpg