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Senna, a plant designed for constipation

Feb 27, 2019

Senna, a plant designed for constipation

We all know that senna is the raw material of medicine, not food, so how to use senna correctly to have a better effect on human body?     

senna leaf                     


Senna mainly has the function of relieving the bowels, and its main components are anthraquinone rhubarb, including sennosideA,B,C,D.


There are senna raw materials on the market, you can drink water directly, but it is not easy to control the amount. 

Currently, the most popular senna extract on the market, 20% senna A+B, is extracted from cassia angustifolia, mainly used for constipation. When taken in the right dose, senna extract is effective, usually within six hours. But if the dosage is too much, there will be obvious side effects, causing harm to the human body. We generally recommend that the amount of senna should be limited to less than 2g per day, and the elderly and children should avoid it as much as possible, because their gastrointestinal capacity is weak.

The proper use of senna leaves in the proper state of the body can produce the desired effect。So if you're really constipated, that's a good option.