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How to Make Stevia Sweetener Taste Better?

Sep 11, 2018

How to Make Stevia Sweetener Taste Better?


As we all know, stevia is an extremely popular low-calorie sweetener, the active ingredients are from their leaves.

It is native to south America, called stevia rebaudiana, not only used as a sweetner but also in medical. But some people don't prefer it for its bitter taste. So how to improve it? We found that there is a way to solve it: mix stevia and erythritol in a certain proportion.

stevia sweetener.jpg

Why do we choose erythritol?

Erythritol has a cool feel and is low in calories, also it can soluble in water. Besides, erythritol is helpful to maintain final product stability in high temperature.

Only in this way, can we control the flavor, not too sweet and no bitter taste, and there will be more chioce for people. They can decide the sweetness as they want, it's easy to adjust the formula.

Up to now, the most popular specification are the 10 times sweetness and 60 times sweetness according to our survey.

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