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How to identify Soy isoflavone from soy meal, soy germ or addicted

Nov 10, 2021

1.What are soy isoflavones?

Soy isoflavones are a kind of bioflavonoids found in soybeans.

Soy isoflavones is a natural plant compound whose structure is similar to mammalian estrogen (female hormone). It is also commonly known as phytoestrogen (Phytoestrogen), which is commonly used to improve the women’s symptoms of menopause. It also has the advantages of preventing osteoporosis and the efficacy of cardiovascular diseases.

At present, there are many soybean extract-related products on the market, but their ingredients and contents are varied, and there are considerable differences between different products, causing consumers to purchase difficulties and worry about quality. Today, we will provide systematic answers to the main questions of soybean isoflavones, sources, yields, efficacy, applications.


2. Extraction source: Soybean meal, soybean germ. Soybean meal is a by-product obtained by extracting soybean oil . Germ refers to the buds that germinate after soaking soybeans in water. At present, the reference price of raw materials in the market is 4200-4800RMB/MT for germ and 2800-3200 yuan/ton for soybean meal.

3. Main ingredients: daidzein, genistein, glycitein, daidzin, genistin,glycitin etc.

Among them, daidzin, glycitin and genistin are in the form of glycosides, and daidzein, glycitein and genistein are free. At present, daidzein and genistein can be produced by synthetic processes.

4. Extraction process and yield, etc.

Raw material → ethanol reflux extraction → adsorption → analysis → concentration → drying → crushing → mixing → packaging → finished product

The soybean germ yield is about 40:1, that is, 1 ton of raw materials yields 25 kilograms of finished products.

The soybean meal yield is about 125:1, that is, about 8 kilograms comes from 1 ton raw materials .

5. Comparison of germ extraction and soybean meal extraction and content analysis of added ingredients:

In soybean isoflavones from embryo, the ratio between daidzin and daidzin is about 2:1. This is the remark of that source.

In soybean isoflavones from soybean meal, high content of daidzein and genistein higher than both germ and added source, because these two components can only be extracted naturally and cannot be added.

The added product contains high content of daidzein and genistein. As long as these two components are high, it can be deemed as added product.

soy isoflavone

6. Price reference

Take 40% soybean isoflavones as an example: soybean germ extraction, the current market price is between 380-430RMB

Soybean meal extraction, the current market price is between 530-550RMB

Adding synthetic, according to the specific price of the added ingredients, 260-ranging

98% daidzein (synthetic), the market price is between 430-500RMB.

98% genistein : naturally extracted (mostly from fruits of Sophora japonica), and the market price is between 2000-2400RMB, and the synthetic market price is about 1000RMB.

* Price offered is just for reference, since ingrediens price keeps fluctuating, pls contact sales for official quotation.

7. Application of product market

It is used in the health product industry. Because of its estrogen-like effect, it is used as a health food for women. It is a mature product on the market, such as soy isoflavone tablets and capsules.

Used in the pharmaceutical industry, it can prevent cancer, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, senile dementia, osteoporosis, etc.

Used in livestock and poultry breeding, feed supplementation, and adjustment of livestock physique.