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Green Feed Additive--- Eucommia Ulmoides Leaf Extract

Nov 08, 2018

Green Feed Additive--- Eucommia Ulmoides Leaf Extract

Green feed additive refers to the product which can improve feed's palatability and utilization rate, inhibit the infection of harmful bacteria in gastrointestinal tract, and enhance the immunity. Meanwhile, these products will not produce harmful substances, more importantly, they can make livestock and poultry products get a higher quality without environmental pollution.


Eucommia ulmoides has a long history in China, both in medicine and food, it's leaves, bark, male flower, and the seed oil, all of them have many application in our life.


Eucommia ulmoides leaf extract, as a new green feed additive, is widely recognized.


There are some data from a Japanese professor, after he used the ineucommia ulmoides leaf to feed some animals and fish, he found that the fat in sea eel reduced about 20%, increased collagen by 1.2 times. chicken gets the same results as sea eel, it tastes more delicate. Even for eggs, the cholesterol reduced about 20%.


Besides, the content of 18% amino acid increased about 20% in pork since a company used eucommia ulmoides to feed pigs.


There are many active ingredinets in eucommia ulmoides leaf extract, including chlorogenic acid, flavones, polysaccharide, they are the main reason for its functions. When it is added into feed additives, the dosage should be decided by different specification.

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