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GMP Supply Chaga Mushroom Extract with 10%-40% Polysaccharides

Jun 15, 2016

Basic Info

Model NO.:ZSKY-CM-1Type:Herbal Extract
Medicine Property:PendingDosage:Pending
Storage Note:PendingVariety:Chaga Extract
Extraction Type:Solvent ExtractionPlace of Origin:Shaanxi China (Mainland)
Grade:Food&Pharmaceutical GradeExtract Method:Water/Grain Alcohol
Active Ingredients:Polysaccharides

                     GMP Supply Chaga Mushroom Extract with 10%-40% Polysaccharides
Product Quick Details:

Englishi Name:Chaga Extract

Latin Name: Inonotus Obliquus Exract

Chinese Name:Bai hua rong

Part of the Plant Used:Fruiting Body

Appearance: Brown Powder

Active Ingredients:Polysaccharides

Test Method:UV-VIS

Extract Method:Water/Grain alcohol

Specification:10%-40%Polysaccharides ,Ratio Extract :10:1 ,20:1

Chaga(Inonotus Obliquus ) Extract:
Chaga mushroom have been utilized in Eastern European and Korean folk medicine for several centuries.
At least as early as the sixteenth century, Eastern Europeans, Koreans, and Russians used chaga. Today, the medicinal uses of chaga
mushrooms are being explored by medical researchers.
Main functions of Chaga Polysaccharide:
1. Antiinflammatory remedy in the treatment of stomach-intestinal tract diseases and as a palliative remedy for tumours of different location.
2. Chaga is used to cure skin diseases, especially in the case when they are combined with inflammatory
diseases of the stomach-intestinal tract, liver and biliary colic.
3. Chaga also has melanin compounds that nourish the skin and hair
4. Chaga mushrooms is a powerful anti-oxidant and useful in fighting tumors

Quality parameters:


Brown or yellow-brown powder,soluble to water,moisture absorption

Polysaccharide content(Ch-2010)


Physical&Chemical index

Loss on Drying<5%,Ash<9%,Sieve Analysis: 80mesh
As<0.3ppm Pb<0.5ppm Hg<0.1ppm

Microbiological index

Total plate count<1000cfu/g Mould<25cfu/g
E.Coli and salmonella: not detected


1kg/bag,5kg/bag,10kg/bag,25kg/drum(or according to the customers)