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Do you know the liver protective herb extract

Jun 09, 2021

The liver is the body's largest organ for detoxification and detoxification. The liver's job is to eliminate the chemicals, pollutants, and toxic substances that we absorb into the body. Some experts say that the liver has to deal with more than 5,000 enzyme reactions a day, so keeping the liver healthy and allowing it to function normally is the most direct and effective help for health.

This article will introduce few traditional herb with liver protection like Dandelion , artichoke, Andrographis, Schisandra.

Dandelion contains a variety of chemical components with health-care functions, such as plant bioactive components dandelion sterol and taraxacumin, which are believed to stimulate the digestive organs, promote the secretion of bile from the liver and gallbladder, and more bile flow can help intestinal peristalsis. It is very useful for treating constipation and indigestion. And dandelion is different from laxatives, it can be taken for several months without causing damage to the spleen and stomach.


The main ingredient of artichoke extract is a healthy plant with high nutrition. Regular consumption can protect liver and kidney and enhance liver detoxification function, promote amino acid metabolism and reduce cholesterol, improve indigestion, improve gastrointestinal function, prevent arteriosclerosis, and protect heart The efficacy of blood vessels. Artichoke not only effectively lowers cholesterol, but also stimulates the liver to produce bile and aid in urination.


Andrographis paniculata has a significant antagonistic effect on liver injury, and can decrease serum ALT, ASTAKP, SB and intrahepatic triglycerides. The major active ingredient is Andrographolide also has significant choleretic effects. Patients with poor liver and gallbladder can take Andrographis for health care. Andrographis paniculata can protect the liver, is good for lowering triglycerides, and can also have anti-inflammatory effects.



Schisandra extract can protect the liver and regenerate liver tissue

The liver is the central detoxification organ of the human body and is responsible for filtering out toxic substances to avoid harm to the human body. Schisandra can promote the detoxification process of the liver, protect the liver from poisoning, and can regenerate liver tissues damaged by alcohol, drugs or hepatitis. Schisandra can also effectively reduce the rising transaminase-alanine transaminase (SGPT/ALT is reduced by 75% within 20 days) and AFP (AFP-most widely used in biochemical blood tests to detect liver cancer) Level, it is safer than the well-known silymarin (taken from milk thistle)


Acetaminophen (a commonly used antipyretic and analgesic) is sufficient to reduce the level of glutathione (GSH) in the liver, which may cause liver damage. Schisandra can accelerate the metabolic rate of acetaminophen and reduce the consumption of GSH, helping to protect the liver.

Human test results show that Schisandra is particularly effective for people with chronic hepatitis caused by the virus (including type A, type B, type C, type D and type E).