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10 Effective Plant Extracts Help You to Lose Weight

Sep 21, 2017

10 Effective Plant Extracts Help You to Lose Weight

Every women deserve to be pretty. If you have the desire to become gorgeous, today, we will help you.

1. Green Coffee Bean Extract


According to research from the USA, Green Coffee Bean Extract has been a food additive with the most significant effect of losing weight so far.

2. White Kidney Bean Extract

Through Phase 2, White Kidney Bean Extract can inhibit the function of α-Amylas, stopping the absorption of starch so as to reduce adipogenesis. In this way, not only weight but also blood sugar is maintained at a normal level.

white kidney bean.jpg

3. Citrus Aurantium Extract 

A recent research confirmed that Citrus Aurantium Extract can accelerate metabolism so as to help to lose weight, for it has an effecitive ingredient called synephrine.

                                                             citrus aurantium.png

4. Lotus Leaf Extract

Nuciferin in Lotus Leaf Extract can inhibit the absorption of fat so as to help weight loss.


5. Cactus Extract

Cactus Extract can relax bowels, regulate secretion function and inhibit the absorption of fat so as to lose weight.

6. Green Tea Extract

Green Tea Extract has a distinct effect on weight loss. It is because that tea polyphenols in Green Tea Extract can clear up free radicals in the body, inhibit the absorption of fat and increase the consumption of calorie.

green tea.jpg

7. Cassia Nomame Extract

Cassia Nomame Extract is applied in weight loss through the inhibition of lipase, stopping the absorption of fat.

8. Bitter Melon Extract

Bitter Melon Extract is supposed to increase the consumption of calorie so as to burn fat fast.


9. Fenugreek Extract

Fenugreek Extract speeds up the consumption of fat.

10. L-carnitine

L-carnitine is applied to burn fat. But only taking L-carnitine without exercises does no good to weight loss.