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Ivy Extract

Ivy Extract

High Quality Hedera Helix (Ivy) Extract,Ivy Extract 1. Treating joint pain and lowering back pain 2. Resisting to carcinogenic substances 3. Promoting blood circulation 4. Using in pharmaceutical and cosmetic


 Manufacturer Sales Hedera Helix Extract

Hedera Helix Extract



  Latin Name

Hederanepalensisk L.


Brown Fine Powder

  Part of Used


 Active Ingredient

Hederacoside C

  Extract Type

Solvent Extraction


3%~15%  4:1-20:1


Pharmaceutical& Food

 Test Method



Store in cool & dry place. Keep away from strong light and heat



  Shelf life

Two years under well storage situation

As with any self-climbing facade green, some care is required to make best use of the positive effects: Ivy covering the walls of an old building is a familiar and often attractive sight. It has insulating as well as weather protection benefits, dries the soil and prevents wet walls, but can be problematic if not managed correctly. Ivy, and especially European ivy (H. helix) grows vigorously and clings by means of fibrous roots, which develop along the entire length of the stems. These are difficult to remove, leaving an unsightly "footprint" on walls, and possibly resulting in expensive resurfacing work. Additionally, ivy can quickly invade gutters and roofspaces, lifting tiles and causing blockages. It also harbors mice and other unwelcome creatures. The plants have to be cut off at the base, and the stumps dug out or killed to prevent regrowth. Therefore, if a green facade is desired, this decision has to be made consciously, since later removal would be tedious.



 1. Ivy extract can Treating joint pain and lowering back pain

 2. Resisting to carcinogenic substances

 3. Promoting blood circulation

 4. Using in pharmaceutical and cosmetic

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