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The Rose Symbolizes Love,so What Is The Rose Hip Extract

Xi’an Victar Bio-Tech Corp | Updated: Aug 28, 2017

The Rose symbolizes Love, today is Chinese Valentine’s Day, so i will introduce the similar product- Rose Hip Extract


      Rose hip is also called wild rose and it’s the seed pods of roses.


      No matter rose hips and rose petals, they are all edible, as it contains abundant vitamin C, so, it is also known as “the king of VC”.

       Its extracts, most of are Red brown fine powder (ingredients 

   5%-20% Polyphenol; 5% total flavones; 5% VC)are mainly used as the anti-aging process and has anti-oxidation effect, which is mainly    used in preventing skin aging and protecting the brain and nerve   tissue oxidation.


What Can We Use Rose Hips For?

1. Health care products :

   Rose hip extract can strengthen the spleen and help digestion.

   Rose hip tablets are good to improve the blood circulation and boost the metabolism and relieving pains.

   Rose hip extract also has the effect in radioresistance.

2. Cosmetics:

  Rose hip powder has the effects in anti-aging process, bleach the skin and tighten skin.

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