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What to know more about hydrolyzed wheat protein?

Xi’an Victar Bio-Tech Corp | Updated: Feb 21, 2019

What to know more about Hydrolyzed wheat protein?

Hydrolyzed wheat protein is a kind of soluble wheat protein, Hydrolyzed wheat proteinwhich is produced from gluten by biological methods and mainly exists in the form of polypeptide, small molecule protein, and amino acid. Its water solubility can reach more than 95%, providing more options for its application direction.

Hydrolyzed wheat protein has an important use as a feed additive. The digestive system of young animals is immature, and the peptides and amino acids of small molecules are conducive to gastrointestinal absorption. The high content of glutamine in hydrolyzed wheat protein can protect the intestinal membrane of young animals, promote the development of intestinal flora and enzyme system, so as to improve the absorption rate of feed, optimize the quality of meat and improve the output.

Nutrition facts:

Dry matter93%Crude Protein80%
Crude fiber0.5%lysine1.6%
Crude Fat5.2%Threonine2.6%
Net energy2505kj/kgStarch and sugar6.8%



Recommended dosage:

Creep feed  for suckling pig3-5%
Calf starter2-4%
Feed for weaning piglets1-3%Creep feed for broiler1-3%
Aquatic seedling material1-3%

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