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Organic Raw Material Base-Goji Berry Plant

Xi’an Victar Bio-Tech Corp | Updated: Jun 12, 2017



 We are a professionalwolfberry fruit                  powder manufacturer. Wolfberry is a  traditional   precious Chinese herbal  medicine. It can be     applied  in both  medicine and food. Wolfberry is     rich  in carotene, essential nutrients  vitamins and   calcium, iron and other  healthy eyes, improving   eyesight,  enhancing immunity, anti-aging  functions.


 We use famous Chinese Ningxia Goji, which is 100% organic and conforms to NOP organic standard. 

 No matter wolfberry or its extract (20% -50% polysaccharides)are guaranteed high quality, we are able to

 provide ISO certified.

 These are our organic goji base and the productive process.

organic wolfberry (1).jpgorganic wolfberry (2).jpg

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Xi’an Victar Bio-Tech Corp
Tel: +86-29-68643155/57/61
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