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Hawthorn Leaves Extract

Hawthorn Leaves Extract

Latin Name: Grataegus pinnati fida Bge.
Part Used: Leaf
Specification: 10%-80% Flavones(UV); 2% Vitexin(HPLC)
Appearance: Brown fine powder

Product details

                                             Hawthorn Leaves Extract

Basic information:

Latin Name: Grataegus pinnati fida Bge.Hawthorn Leaf Extract

Part Used: Leaf

Specification: 10%-80% Flavones(UV); 2% Vitexin(HPLC)

Appearance: Brown fine powder

CAS NO.: 525-82-6, 3681-93-4

Molecular Formula: NA, C21H20O10

Molecular Weight: NA, 432.3775

About Hawthorn Leaf:

Compared with hawthorn fruit, hawthorn leaf is not only naturally rich in flavones, but also vitexin, vitexin-2"-o-rhamnoside, and other different amines,these chemical compounds responsible for supporting the cardiovascular system.So that one of the reasons why it is very popular,another reason is that howthorn leaves supplements can help people solve heat-related problems.

The Function and Application about organic hawthorn leaf:

  • Improving heart function

There is the study found that hawthorn leaf extract taken for 60days was as effective as low doses of captropril(a leading heart medication) in improving symptoms of congestive heart failure.

  • Prevention high blood pressure

There are considerable evidence supports that it is beneficial to the cardiovascular,and poeple can take safe who ha with  hypertension.


Health care product and Functional beverage.

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