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Xi'an Victar Bio-Tech Corp is one of the leading China food-additives manufacturers and suppliers, with professional factory, we are able to offer you pure natural, 100% natural, organic, GMP certified, Kosher certified, and ISO certified food-additives with both low price and high quality. Welcome to buy cheap, hot sale, and factory supply products from us.

  • Beer Hops Extract

    Contact NowBeer Hops ExtractBeer hops is originally planted in Europe, America and Asia. In China, it is planted in northern Xinjiang, Shandong, Gansu and Shaanxi provinces. It is regarded as an useful plant, which can be put into medicine. It can be put into beer to improve the taste, and is now a necessary ingredient in producing beer.Research suggests that it is also valuable in medical field.Read More2015-09-30

  • Bilberry Extract

    Contact NowBilberry ExtractBilberry is a native plant in North America, but now is widely planted in Northern Hemisphere. It is a kind of herbal medicine and mainly be used in the treatment of diseases such as cataracts, night blindness and high blood sugar. Bilberry is rich in anthocyanidin, which has the great effect on protecting people’s eyesight and preventing the wrinkle on the face. Besides, anthocyanidin is also an antioxidant. It can eliminate free radicals in blood vessles and prevent atherosclerosisRead More2015-09-30

  • Cinnamomum Cassia Extract

    Contact NowCinnamomum Cassia ExtractCinnamomum Cassia, also called cajuput, is widely-planted. Also, it can be used as a spice. It is effective in lowering blood pressure. It contains rich nourishment, so it can be used to produce health care products.Read More2015-09-30

  • Hawthorn Fruit Extract

    Contact NowHawthorn Fruit ExtractHawthorn Fruit taste sour and some sweet, we can eat it directly. Hawthorn fruit can help people Promote digestion. Hawthorn also has a strong antibacterial effect.Read More2015-09-30

  • Stevia Extract

    Contact NowStevia ExtractStevia is one kind of perennial plants with the low heat and high sweetness and usually is used to be as one kind of additives. It can be planted both in south and north in our country. However, it is mainly planted in Jiangsu, Anhui and Heilongjiang provinces. Its leaf contains abundant steviosides as one excellent natural sweetener.Read More2015-09-30

  • Wild Yam Extract

    Contact NowWild Yam ExtractWhite yam is a kind of nourishing food that is beneficial to aid digestion. As one kind of traditional Chinese medicine, it is used as food and drug. It is planted in many provinces in China such as Shaanxi, Shanxi ,Hebei and other provinces.Read More2015-09-30

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Xi’an Victar Bio-Tech Corp
Tel: +86-29-68643155/57/61
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